Hello there. I'm hoping I can find some help here.

I bought an unlocked Samsung Impression to replace my sister's whose screen stop responding to touch. The replacement is "gently used" but there appears to be an antenna issue. The phone hardly picks up any bars which made connecting to the AT&T network problematic. No calls or messages could be made or sent. Went into the store to make sure the phone was unlocked as advertised and lo and behold the phone picked up a signal and was able to make and receive calls. As soon as we left the store we noticed that the phone dropped from the network. Went back to the store and the clerk said that there appears to be an issue for the antenna. But since the phone is not under any warranty they would not repair or replace. Only option from them was to buy a new phone at full price (sister is on the prepaid option). So now I'm looking to see if there is an option to replace the internal antenna and where I could go to have that done. Those little patches up put inside your phone don't seem to work according to the reviews online so replacing the internal antenna seems the next logical step. I live in a major metropolitan area on the east coast so there should not be an issue of there being spotty service.

Any recommendations of what to do? I can't return the phone as there was a no return policy. But the problem with weak signal strength was not disclosed so I possibly could try that angle to get a refund or something. But I want to exhaust all other options before going there if there is a simple fix.

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