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    Can I use an n-gage with sprint pcs service?

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    Re: n-gage with sprint pcs?

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    > Can I use an n-gage with sprint pcs service?

    As long as you have GSM service. The system looks for the SIM card only--
    it doesn't relate it to the ESN of the phone so any GSM phone that will
    take the SIM card will work. My Cingular service (used to be AT&T) came
    with a Nokia 3595. I put the SIM card in my N-Gage and works just fine.
    One other concern is the phone should be unlocked and reflashed to enable
    SPRINT access. The phone software is aware of the system it is connected
    to and will give an error message if, say, a T-Mobile phone is used to
    connect to an AT&T service, for example. Nokia will not reflash phones to
    change carriers, contractual obligations interfere.

    Lots of luck...

    (ex-Nokia tech--they closed the repair facility and all of us are out of

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