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, 10-10-2010 at 06:55 AM (5950 Views)
What's more annoying... listening to someone talking on a cell phone... or listening to someone talking on a speaker cell phone.

Do people really need to TEXT and TALK, can they just stop and stand still while TEXTING.

With texting the new tend of instant communication, do people really need to to use AIM programs, not to mention Push-to-talk.. emails.. and if you remember the OLD Phone Call.

Are Blue-Tooth Ear Pieces really that cool to wear.

How much does purchasing a new cell phone really cost, after the extras.

Did you ever look at someone trying to find their RINGING CELL PHONE... do they remind you of a third base coach giving signals.

Do you feel like a child when the announcement or sign telling you to silence your cell phone means you.

Are you one of those people who have enough protective stuff on a cell phone to make it BULLET PROOF.

has buying a cell phone reach the same stress level as buying a new home or new car.

Are you ever in someone company when they constantly take calls on their cell phone.

Who doesn't know someone who hates cell phones.

Who do you know that has the worst RINGTONE.

What is the deal with having to listen to music instead of a ringtone when your waiting for someone to answer their phone... do we really need to listen to music.

Did you ever get mad on a cell phone and since you can't slam the phone down... you press END really hard.

Hoe many of you forgotten your cell phone and went back home to get it.

Do you really need a 15 mega pixel cell phone camera..

Does your cell phone make you feel important or your life relevant...

Is your cell phone a gift... or a curse

Got to go, i have three miss calls and five pending text messages...


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