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    Hello my freinds all,

    First I apolgies for my execute English I am Russian I call home Russia all time I can make it is diffcuilt.

    Its diffcuilt because of time, I want call in daytime here Brooklyn USA nighttime Moscow but I work all day hour and I call night poelpe in Moscow are gone working, you see my troubles freinds.

    Cell phones are no good they say you must pay more when call in daytime I say no it is nighttime in Moscow they dont not care about this. What can I do make calls cheap my freinds?

    Thanks you all. I am sorry for my English I wanto to make cents without pay many cents ha ha that was joke.


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    Re: make calls cheap how can I?

    Your English is understandable.

    For many questions like this, I look for answers with google. Please visit these links for google search results. I hope you can find a good price there!

    "cheap long distance" russia - Google Search

    "cheap prepaid" russia - Google Search

    Please be careful and make sure you trust the company before you give them any money, just because it's a top google result doesn't mean it's legitimate.

    If you have trouble with the English version of google, you might try searching in your native language on the Russian Google site.

    I hope this helps!

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    Re: make calls cheap how can I?

    Depending on what you find, you might just want to go with a good long distance calling card, I'm thinking onesuite cards, but there are plenty out there.

    Your English was understandable, yes, but also kind of funny.

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