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    I have a contract with Telus, but my phone is crap and I need another one. I have an old Motorola RAZR-V3c from Virgin Mobile and I know that it's hard for a CDMA network to take an unlocked phone, so I am wondering if I can reprogram this phone for Telus specifications.

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    Re: Reprograming Virgin phone to Telus

    Hey there, I'm trying to do the same thing. I called in VM and they keep telling me that it should just work with Telus, but Telus is telling me it has to be unlocked. I found a bunch of forums where you can connect the phone and reflash it, but I think VM disabled the device to be recognized by your computer, and just charges it through USB. This is how you reprogram the phone number though:

    74663# clr key twice
    password: 441984
    MIN: clear, then enter phone number
    Scroll to MDN and put phone number here

    If anyone knows how to unlock this phone, I'd really appreciate some insight on it. Thanks!

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